Commercial Pedal Boat

For over 25 years, Paddle Wheeler commercial units have been known as the highest profit, lowest maintenance, most rugged and dependable rental unit on the market.

The quality of every Paddle Wheeler is unsurpassed.  They are designed and built for comfort, convenience, safety and rigorous use and are nearly maintenance free.   Constructed of rigid fiberglass with urethane foam flotation, Paddle Wheelers are virtually unsinkable.

Additionally, every Paddle Wheeler is certified by the prestigious National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (similar to the UL rating), which assures premium safety rating.  This is why you’ll find Paddle Wheelers all across the globe – including government parks and military bases as well as world renown recreational parks, resorts and campgrounds.

If you’re looking for tremendous value, profit, and zero seasonal downtime, look no further than Paddle Wheeler!